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Natural Resources
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DayOne Baby
3548 Sacramento Street
San Francisco, CA 94118
(415) 813-1931

Nest Maternity
1839 Divisadero Street
San Francisco, CA 94115-2516
(415) 673-3320

The Right Start
3435 Sacramento Street
San Francisco, CA, 94118


Baby World
4400 Telegraph Avenue
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Baby World
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Baby World
556 San Mateo Avenue
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Lovely Bump
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Creating and Effectively Using Birth Plans: Tips For Creating Positive and Empowered Birth Experiences – 10:30 AM

with Melissa Eddling, Stork & Sprout Doula Services

This workshop focuses on the practical aspects of communicating with your primary medical care provider and hospital staff about your priorities for the birth of your baby. Starting with an explanation about what birth plans are, this session also includes practical tips, sample plans, and a discussion about the different options commonly available in hospitals. In addition to learning how to write an effective birth plan, participants will have the opportunity to hear about a variety of different births and labor experiences from one of Stork & Sprout’s experienced birth doulas.

Stork & Sprout is the Bay Area’s trusted birth and newborn team. Stork & Sprout provides a full range of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum services for new and growing families. Our team starts with childbirth education in preparation for your new baby’s arrival, continues with expert birth doula assistance on labor day, and follows with postpartum care once you are home with your newborn..

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Baby Sign Language 11:30 AM

with Bill White

Stop guessing what your baby is trying to tell you and start spending more time fulfilling your child’s specific needs. Baby Sign Language gives babies the opportunity to communicate long before babies can verbalize their wants and needs. Signing with babies accelerates language development, reduces frustration, and deepens the bond between parent and child.

Touch Blue Sky’s baby sign language program is based on American Sign Language (ASL) and is designed for parents with babies who range in age from birth to 18 months. Fun activities and songs will show you how easy it can be to integrate baby signs into your daily routine and jump-start your child’s verbal skills. Babies are welcome but not required to attend.

Bill White, director of the baby sign language program, received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychobiology from University of California, Santa Cruz.  He currently is facilitating baby sign language programs at Kaiser Permanente, Sutter Health, DayOne Center, Babies And Moms, and The Parks and Recreation Departments of Menlo Park, Palo Alto, and Redwood City.  Bill is passionate about the benefits of signing with babies and is the proud father of two hearing sons who both sign.

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Breastfeeding Basics: What every mom needs to know for the first few days – 12:30 PM

with the Nursing Mothers Counsel

What happens in your first few days with your baby can be crucial to your breastfeeding success. Breastfeeding peer counselors from Nursing Mothers Counsel will present information every mom needs to get breastfeeding off to the right start. Learn what you can do before, during, and after your birth to help establish breastfeeding. Hear how skin-to-skin contact, laid-back nursing positions, and biological nurturing can help with both mother-baby bonding and the establishment of a healthy milk supply. Know what to expect in the first few days of breastfeeding and how valuable colostrum, your first milk, is for your baby’s health.

Since 1955, the mission of Nursing Mothers Counsel (NMC) has been to support the personal breastfeeding goals of mothers with free, one-on-one assistance and education by highly trained volunteer counselors who have also breastfed. NMC also supports Bay Area families through free breastfeeding classes and low-cost breast pump sales and rentals. For more information please visit

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Sleep Techniques for a healthy, happy family – 2:00 PM

with Lauren Aiken

This workshop will cover baby sleep needs for infants 0-12 months old including how to best help little ones establish sleep habits/patterns; how developmental milestones impact infant sleep development; and what to do to help establish healthy sleep habits. We will learn about various techniques including no/low cry sleep methods; crying methods, and parent presence methods. Many sleep arrangements will be discussed including co-sleeping; room-sharing; crib sleeping; siblings sharing rooms; twins; night feeds, and sleep changes and naps. We will also cover SIDS guidelines and research regarding this topic.

Lauren Aiken is a licensed lactation consultant, sleep consultant trained in the Millette Method, and birth doula. Lauren has been supporting expecting parents and families with infants through new and exciting changes for the last 12 years. She is currently getting a masters degree in Marriage and Family therapy with studies focused on infant mental health and the study of attachment in infants 0-3 years old.

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Preventing and Treating Common Health Problems in Babies: A Holistic Plan for Reflux, Colic, Eczema, and Food Allergies 3:00pm

with Randall Neustaedter OMD

Babies easily develop food sensitivities and digestive problems that can then lead to allergies, eczema, and asthma. This workshop will show you how to prevent and treat these common problems. Dr. Neustaedter will recommend specific nutritional supplements to use during pregnancy to prevent food sensitivities and digestive problems in your baby. If these problems do occur in your baby, there are safe, effective holistic methods for relieving symptoms and creating a healthy immune system to prevent future issues. Dr. Neustaedter will provide you with specific guidelines on what you can do to help your baby.

Dr. Neustaedter is a primary instructor in the program. The CureChild program teaches you how to prevent and treat common childhood illnesses with safe, effective holistic medicine and keep your children exceptionally healthy. With reliable advice from experts and doctors with decades of experience, you can have more confidence and less stress in parenting.

Dr. Randall Neustaedter, OMD, has practiced and taught holistic medicine for more than thirty years in the San Francisco Bay area, specializing in child health care. He is a licensed acupuncturist and doctor of Chinese medicine, author of The Holistic Baby Guide, Child Health Guide, and The Vaccine Guide. Visit his website,, to register for a free newsletter with pediatric specialty articles. Office visits and Skype consultations are available by appointment.

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Cloth and Compostable Diapers: Easy & Affordable – 11am

with Tiny Tots Diaper Service

Tiny Tots Diaper Service offers cotton, compost and combination diaper service options. The reusability of cotton makes this our greenest option along with being affordable, comfortable and convenient. Service includes professional laundering or composting of diapers along with weekly pick up and delivery of diapers and any other items from our award winning baby boutique. For lots more information, visit our website:

Visit our booth to receive free samples of our compostable diapers by Broody Chick and a coupon for a free Flip Top Diaper Hamper when you sign up for service!

Featuring expert Diapering Instructors who have logged hundreds of diapering hours and are excited about passing along “tips and tricks” of the trade.

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Does Your Child Have Food Allergies? – 12pm

with Dr Elisa Song, MD

Join Elisa Song, MD, of Whole Family Wellness, for an educational and in-depth discussion on food allergies and sensitivities. Learn how to tell if your child may have food sensitivities. If your child has ADD/ADHD, autoimmune problems, behavioral problems, asthma, eczema, chronic ear infections, headaches, sleep disturbances, abdominal pain, or any other unexplained symptom – she may have an undiagnosed food allergy! The discussion will include foods to avoid, and potential food substitutes. Learn how to prevent, diagnose, and treat food allergies holistically to ultimately cure your child.

Elisa Song, MD founded Whole Child Wellness in 2005 (which became Whole Family Wellness in 2013) with a mission to create a nurturing environment that integrates allopathic and natural medicine customized to each unique child, in order to help children thrive to their fullest potentials. Dr. Song has a special interest in providing holistic well-child care, and integrative consultations for children with complex medical issues, including autism, ADHD, asthma, autoimmune illness, eczema, food allergies/sensitivities, reflux, inflammatory bowel disease and other gastrointestinal disorders, seizures and other neurological disorders.

Dr. Song is board-certified in pediatrics and holistic medicine. She has additional training in functional medicine/holistic nutrition, homeopathy, acupuncture, herbal medicine, and flower essences. Additionally, Dr. Song provides training in integrative pediatric care to pediatric healthcare professionals through the Holistic Pediatric Association, and teaches clinical homeopathy to physicians for the CEDH (Center for Education and Development of Clinical Homeopathy). She also teaches pediatric acupuncture for the Academy of Pain Research, and lectures on pediatric functional medicine for the Institute for Functional Medicine.

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Are You Hiring A Caregiver or Nanny? Set up your Caregiver Relationship for Success! – 12:45pm

with Leslie Forde,

Hiring a nanny or babysitter to become part of your family and work in your home is one of the most important hires you will ever make. Establish a strong, healthy partnership from the start and avoid the most common pitfalls when hiring. This workshop will help you:
• Think through and document the important needs you and your family will have for a nanny.
• Discover tools and tips on how (and how much) to pay your caregiver.
• Utilize a ‘nanny contract’ or employment agreement to set mutual expectations, including core responsibilities of the job with your new caregiver at the time of hire.
• Meet your obligations as a household employer and avoid unnecessary financial risk – what you can and can’t do when paying a nanny, common myths, understanding what the ‘nanny taxes’ are that you’re responsible for and other hiring obligations in the state of California.
Maintain a positive, healthy relationship with your caregiver over the long term.

In her role as Vice President of Business Development at, Leslie is primarily responsible for leading the strategy and team to support growth opportunities across’s value added services group. She establishes strategic partnerships and channel programs to increase’s consumer visibility and reach into new markets. She also oversees policy development initiatives that help promote professionalization of the Care industry.

In the year prior to joining, Leslie worked as an independent marketing and business development consultant primarily for consumer start-up businesses. Prior to that, for nearly seven years she worked for Communispace, an Omnicom customer collaboration agency, where she was the Vice President of Global Partnerships driving international expansion into new markets, including: China, Mexico and Australia. She began with Communispace as the Vice President of Strategic Alliances and was responsible for new channels of distribution and also new technology and capabilities partnerships for the company’s online community platform.

She’s a mom to an active toddler, and is passionate about helping families solve the complex needs of finding and managing care.

Baby Food 101 – Introduction to Solids – 1:45pm

with Kandice Stellmon, Certified Nutrition Consultant

Join Kandice Stellmon, Certified Nutrition Consultant of Whole Family Wellness, for an educational and delectable discussion on introducing solids to your little one. Learn when to start solids and which foods are best through the first year. You will gain tips for helping your child build life-long healthy eating habits. The discussion will include variations for a vegetarian diet. Learn the top supplements your child may need, and how to spot food allergies / sensitivities in your baby. There will be a yummy home-made baby food tasting – recipes included!

Kandice Stellmon is a Certified Nutrition Consultant and Natural Chef, specializing in holistic nutrition. She is a member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals. Her areas of focus include: food allergies and sensitivities, autoimmune illnesses, developmental disorders such as autism, weight management, hormonal imbalances, and well-child nutrition. Kandice graduated from Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts. As a graduate of Bauman College, Kandice has a thorough understanding of holistic nutrition and truly enjoys guiding families towards optimal health. Being a chef as well as a nutrition consultant gives her the ability to not only teach her clients about healthy eating, but to also implement these ideas into their daily lives with delicious recipes and meal planning ideas!


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How to Save a Choking Child or Infant: American Heart Association guidelines - 2:30pm

With Charles Seidel, Safety Training Seminars CPR instructor

Would you know what to do if your baby or child suddenly starts to choke on a piece of food? Attend this short demonstration and learn the steps on how to save an infant who is choking and how to save a child is choking. We will have manikins available for students to practice their new skills. Even though this is not an official American Heart Association course, students will learn all the basics about choking. We do highly recommend taking the full 5 hour class to learn full details about CPR, rescue breathing, seizures, poisoning, allergic reactions and other childhood emergencies.

Safety Training Seminars is an approved American Heart Association Training Center (CA-20784), and an approved provider of EMSA certified pediatric CPR and First-aid classes (0204-DC). They provide public infant and child cpr and first-aid classes in San Francisco, Redwood City, and San Jose.


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Children’s Activities at the Tot Spot

Sponsored by

Art and Play – ongoing throughout the day

Create, color and play at our Tot Spot sponsored by UrbanSitter, an innovative service connecting parents with prospective sitters. There will be coloring, toys and free play for your tots. Take a break while the little ones entertain themselves.

Find babysitters recommended by people you know—and conveniently book them online in minutes with UrbanSitter! Sign up for free at

Parachutes and Bubbles Play Sessions

at 11:30 and 1pm

Parachutes & bubbles. What more can you ask from a play session with Gymboree Play and Music!


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